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Green Technologies
Graphically and quantitatively view precise lighting levels, temperature and shade positions in any room or office from any touchpanel, PC, tablet, or even your phone. Monitor and track current and historical energy consumption so you can see how lifestyle and behavioral patterns directly affect usage and costs.

Control every light, shade, audio/video source and display device centrally and globally on a single platform.

Control any light, shade or thermostat in real-time no matter where you are right from your iPhone® or iPod touch®. Communicating on a high-speed network.

Schedule shades and drapes to rise when a meeting is scheduled; gently lower to reduce glare when the projector is turned on. Intelligent control manages all environmental systems to achieve maximum energy savings without compromising comfort or convenience. Balance the need for light with climate control. Use direct sunlight in the winter to naturally warm a room; lower shades to reduce solar heat gain in the summer to keep the room comfortable without using air conditioning.

With today's technology total seamless integration is possible to achieve advanced features such as room scheduling, room combining, load shedding, daylight harvesting, and personal workspace control.

The future of our planet depends upon the availability of resources and the methods in which we utilize them. At Global One, we strongly believe in managing our resources and implementing more efficient practices, wherever applicable.  Let us help you with putting your first foot forward on your global consumption footprint.
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